Evaluation Index System and Management Regime of the Protective Minerals

Author:Li Xiao Yu

Supervisor:wang xun lian


Degree Year:2019





Protective minerals are a serious of special type of minerals defined in the Mineral Resources Law of 1986.Today,China has carried out more than 30 years of management for protective minerals.The situation of internationality,market,mineral reserves has also undergone profound changes.It is of great practical significance to conduct research on the strategic positioning,the selection principle and the management policies of protective minerals.This paper analyzes the connotation of protective minerals from the perspectives of resources,strategy,national security,competition and sustainable development,distinguishs the difference of “protective minerals” with “dominant minerals”,“strategic minerals” and “critical minerals”,then proposes the strategic positioning of protective minerals in the new era.Emphasizing the scarcity of resources and China’s comparative advantage,protective minerals,in the current and future period,which are scarce on the Earth,has a relative resource advantage in China,has an important impact on the international market and has an important strategic value that is difficult to replace in military and defense equipment and strategic emerging industry terminal applications,need to be implemented by protective development management.This paper starts with dominant minerals of China,and screens 10 minerals which are rare earth,tungsten,tin,antimony,molybdenum,gold,graphite,lithium,fluorite and phosphorus,and analyzes its resource situation and supply and demand trends.Based on the strategic positioning of protective minerals,considering various elements with characteristics and principles of the evaluation index system,establishes a three-level evaluation index model of protective minerals.For the first time,AHP analytic hierarchy process combined with entropy method was used to optimize the evaluation index,which increased the objectivity of index evaluation.Based on the basic data of 10 selected dominant minerals in China,the relativeimportance of participating minerals was calculated and ranked.At the same time,combined with the expert questionnaire survey method and related influencing factors evaluation method,the paper puts forward the adjustment suggestions for protective minerals in the new period,which provides a reference for the management of protective minerals in China.With the management practices of protective minerals,this paper evaluates the execution effects of total mining control policy and mining rights management policy.Analyzes the main problems of rare earth and tungsten in the current exploration and exploitation for protective minerals,and puts forward suggestions from the perspective of management mechanism.On this basis,explores the main points of the development and management mechanism of protective minerals.The key is to balance the two aspects between “safeguarding resource security” and “promoting market competition”,safety and efficiency,government and market.Therefore,the management concepts and management principles that are compatible with the current situation are proposed,which are summarized as safety priority,market competition,scale operation,macro regulation,and microscopic release.