Evaluation of China Overseas Mining Green Finance and Investment

Author:Tang Yu Wen

Supervisor:wang gen hou


Degree Year:2019





This study focuses on the structuring of an evaluation framework and a promotion system for the overseas green investment and finance by Chinese mining companies.This paper analyzes the structure and mechanism of Chinese mining company’s overseas green and sustainable investment.Green investment and finance overseas by multinational corporations involve such concepts as sustainability,international green governance,and corporate social responsibilities.Under the “the belt and road initiative",it is necessary to promote Chinese overseas green finance and investment in mining sector in order to enhance the competition advantages and sustainable development of Chinese companies.Factors affecting overseas green mining investment and finance are complicated.There are many standards and regulations,which have been adopted by more and more international financial institutions.Meanwhile,many international rules concerning sustainable development are becoming the domestic laws and regulations of some countries.Bilateral and multilateral agreements as well as regional integration initiatives usually include environment protection articles in their agreements.Stakeholders such as NGOs and ethnic clans as well as religious organizations are playing important roles.All these are important factors affecting overseas green mining investment and finance.Mining industry is highly sensitive to environment.The balance between economy and environment and sustainable social development is crucial to mining activities.It is important to develop a comprehensive evaluation framework for Chinese companies to guarantee that their overseas mineral investment and finance activities are green and sustainable.This paper proposes an evaluation system based on the PSR framework with indicators of pressure and driving forces,of the state of environment,and of responses by policies and countermeasures,to evaluate the cause-effects on social and natural environment imposed by the mining investment and finance.The promotion system for overseas green investment and finance is comprehensive and complex.To facilitate the overseas green investment and finance activities of the Chinese multinational mining companies,efforts must be carried out to optimize the system of overseas green investment and finance promotion.