Frabrication of Fluorescent Polyacrylamide Microspheres System and Its Mechanism on Profile Control

Author:Hu Lei Lei

Supervisor:kang wan li


Degree Year:2016





Polymeric microspheres were widely used in the adjustment profile.While the transport mechanism and the output concentration in porous media can not monitor and detect.Therefore,the development and application of the fluorescent microspheres have an important theoretical and practical significance.Three fluorescent microspheres containing different fluorescent monomer were synthesized by reversed phase suspension polymerization,which can be used for the study of microsphere displacement mechanism.And the fluorescent microspheres have the same performance as the microspheres have been applied in oilfield.We used the FT-IR and fluorescence microscopy confirmed that the molecular structure of the microspheres and morphology.And have studied the influences of reaction conditions on the microspheres particle size,and got the preparation technology for the fluorescent polyacrylamide microspheres with a narrow size distribution.Luminescence properties of fluorescent microspheres were studied from the perspective of molecules,using fluorescence emission spectrum and fluorescence decay spectra.The influence on the creep properties of the fluorescent monomer was studied using rheological method.The effects of monomer on the swelling performance and temperature resistance of fluorescent microspheres were studied by a gravimetric method.The results showed that the light-emitting fluorescent microspheres performance can be affected by the monomer molecular structure.Hydrophobic fluorescent monomers have an inhibitory effect on the regularity of the bulk gel structure.The fluorescent monomers had no significant effect on the swelling properties and heat resistance properties of the microspheres.The effects of temperature,salinity,pH on the fluorescence properties of the microspheres and the swelling properties were studied by the fluorescence spectroscopy and gravimetric method.The method of measuring the concentration of fluorescent polyacrylamide microspheres was built.And scope of microspheres was obtained.The results show that the microspheres have a good water-swellable.Fluorescence intensity and the concentration of the microspheres have a linear relationship when the concentration of microspheres was in the range of 10~500 mg/L.Fluorescence characteristics of the microspheres is less affected by metal ions.Suspension stability evaluation method of FSI was established,which is superior to the traditional method of TSI.We have studied the various factors on fluorescent microspheres flooding affecting the stability of the dispersion system using a fluorescent stability index(FSI).The results showed that by increasing the concentration of the polymer can be obtained more stable dispersed system.Increasing the concentration of the polymer can be stable dispersed system.The amount of surfactant,salinity will have an impact on stability.Effect of temperature on the stability of the microspheres dispersed system is small at low temperatures.Temperature has a greater impact on the stability of the microspheres dispersion high temperatures.The impact of the average particle size on the stability of the microspheres dispersion system is small when the the average particle size is small.The impact of the average particle size on the stability of the microspheres dispersion system is great when the the average particle size is large.The fluorescence method was established to study the migration mechanism of fluorescent polyacrylamide microspheres in the porous media.Verify the ability of enhance oil recovery and the mechanism of displacement,through indoor fractured core displacement experiment and microscopic visualization model,combined with the fluorescence property of the microspheres.Fluorescent microspheres can transport in porous media.Its migration law is: bridge-deformation-continue migration.