Horizontal Well Drilling and Completion Technology Research of Low Permeability Tight Gas Reservoir in Daniudi

Author:Xie Zuo

Supervisor:li zhi ping


Degree Year:2012





Ordos Daniudi gas field experienced nearly five decades of exploration,development,and has become one of the largest natural gas base of China.Difficult,complex process of development,well productivity is low,stable poor,poor the conventional manner mined effective reservoir low pressure,low permeability,tight,these gas reservoirs reserves.Therefore accelerate the technology of exploration and development of this kind low permeability tight gas reservoirs is the inevitable trend of development of the energy industry.Horizontal wells,the branch well as the development direction of the current scientific drilling,new technology,new techniques are emerging,how to be applied to the gas reservoir is worth studying.Based on the current energy crisis,low permeability tight gas development background,to key special issue of national science and technology as the basis,to carry out the reservoir characteristics,geological characteristics,sensitivity;percolation mechanism drillability study,horizontal wells,branch well applied research in this type of reservoir,drilling and completion technology,combined with underbalanced drilling and completion fluids technology,the simultaneous practice research,lessons learned,and achieved good results,the basic form for area development,horizontal well drilling and completion supporting technology.Low permeability gas reservoir development Daniudi gas field this problem,extensive research on the basis of the research status of this article the integrated use of geology,reservoir engineering,mechanics,drilling and drilling fluid,underbalanced drilling and completion,reservoir protection aspects of the technology and theory,to carry out Daniudi gas field low permeability gas reservoirs characteristics,gas percolation mechanism of low permeability reservoir,geological characteristics,horizontal wells,branch drilling and completion technologies,under-balanced drilling and completion,in addition to a lot of basic research,laboratory tests,but also by a large number of field tests,construction,validation and improvement.Achieved the following results:1,reservoir engineering characteristics of the region,reservoir sensitivity and injury mechanism,the rock can be drilled sex,rock mechanical parameters and stress sensitive characteristics,have a clear understanding of fluid characteristics;2,to carry out the use of logging data explain Drillability the profile;through the study and practice of screening of the suitability of the gas field horizontal wells;3,the initial formation of the gas field horizontal wells,a branch of the well drilling and completion technology to master these special wells design techniques and trajectory control measurement technology,research and preferred target layer of such wells circulating medium,completions medium;4,optimize completion borehole size and the structure of the wellbore,preferably a safe and reasonable economic well structure;preferred geosteering measurement tools and supporting technologies,to achieve real-time measurement and control of horizontal wells and branch wellbore trajectory,to ensure that the horizontal section is effective reservoir the horizontal segment sandstone and gas drilling rate;6,the combination of near-equilibrium drilling and completion technology to effectively solve the Daniudi dense low-permeability gas field,three types of reservoir levels well built production,improve the penetration rate,shorten the operating cycle,and reduce operating costs.Above results and understanding change can play horizontal wells in the past this type of reservoir,but can not yield the passive situation for the area to promote horizontal well technology development of low permeability gas reservoirs provide support.