Interactions among Nature,Technology and Society-studies on Green Technology

Author:Sun Yue

Supervisor:Xiao Ling


Degree Year:2013





Modern Technology has been in a great rapid progress since the first industrial revolution took place,however,what has been accompanied with are a lot of complicated issues,such as high unemployment,economic crisis and so on.What the main reason to explain,in my point,is the paradox between the humanity intention and science purpose in technological usage,which is considered as technology alienation.The more development the technology is,the greater changeable happen to human beings,so the influences from technology expansion begin to spill over into full daily areas,like economy,politics as well as culture,interactions of nature,technology and society then become complex and multiple.We cannot deny technology is necessary and compulsory to "social modernization" and productivity improvement as well,but we also need to admit the technology has two faces,it is just like a sword,which can help you to protect yourself as well as hurt yourself.Years of facts tell us a sad story:it seems like we are in big material progress as long as technology exists,but the truth is we are losing our nature and spirits due to technology overuse.In the middle of last century,in order to take what we lost back,"technology greening" was widespread all over the world.Technology greening is an idea of seeking a way for synchronization in technology and environment development,to clarify explicitly,technology greening is trying to realize"technology ecologization".Technology ecologization is a methodology to eliminate the contradictions between nature and human when technology applied,and bases on this,the author would like to make the advantages of green technology clear on comparison of modern technology as well as to predict the future of green technology development,which is very important for further research on green technology.Hence,the dissertation is split for five main parts except the preface.The first chapter introduces the green idea—the theory foundation of green technology,and its impacts to green technology.The second chapter makes an explicit analysis and explanation on green technology,mainly from the stand of philosophy,including the turns green technology has compared with modern technology.Besides,there is a psychological theory—"gestalt theory" cited in this chapter to make green technology easier to understand,as well as the "turning and returning line",which are another two creative points to this chapter,from philosophical perspective.The third chapter is more specialized than the previous two,it focuses on the economic dimension of green technology,present the antinomy of economic development in green technology,and proposal a dynamical model—New Kuznets Model as a solution.Chapter four is about the political dimension of green technology,it mainly tells the interaction between politics,particularly international politics,and green technology,the relationship of them,and the influence to each other.The last chapter is concerning on the cultural dimension of green technology,it refers to the radical differences on culture of green technology and modern technology.The author’s intention in this chapter is calling for a humanity thought on green technology.