Power,Life and Order:The Study of Relationship Between Science and Politics After World War Two

Author:Liu Huajun

Supervisor:Xiao Ling


Degree Year:2013





Politics is order constructed by politician,the design and operation of the power generated in the construction of order.Science is the human activities of cognition and results about the nature.The world order knitted by some big countries us-led such as after the World War Two.In that time science has been developing by way of breaking out after the early years of the nineteenth century.It had happened that many new contradictions and new problems don’t have been in the past.Firstly,opposing man and nature has become the social principal contradiction of people today.This is the basis of our paper.If political can be human consciousness to solve the conflict between human and nature,science and politics will naturally become inseparable the science because of the confliction.However,when science is as external of economy,science is as external of political even political as external of economy,the problems cannot be solved.Externalities can only be used as an excuse that the problems can’t be solved.Of course,politics and science cannot be separated.Secondly,the hegemony is one of the world order construction characteristics after World War Two.The structure such as capitalist system is constructed by parts of structure.The interpretation about the relationship between structural parts can give different results.If the economy as soon as military is one pole of hegemony,the science is justly in the middle.Science can not only devote to their different military strength between countries,but also be a decisive variable of economic development.If science as a driving force of the capitalist system to understand,science is in the core area of the architecture.The purpose discoursing hegemony was not only to show science elements in international politics after the Second World War,but also to reveal hegemony characteristics in the western culture.Hegemony is associated with a variety of worldwide problemsThirdly,bio-power makes something prominent feature,the position of sovereignty and bio-power has been changing.The social structure,operation mode,the relationship between the state and society demonstrate political fragmentation characteristics from different aspects,which corresponds to life science and computer science after World War Two.Life science and computer science is also the fundamental factor of power operation mechanism.Fragments of life not only cause discrimination conception between man and life but also bring discussion about relationship between life and political.Life legitimacy is used to describe the bio-power.The bio-power points to individual life.This will go back to discuss the relationship between individual and group,in which life self governance essentially means that power has turned to individuals from groups.Power structure changing must penetrate into political order construction.However,the old political order still exists,and the new demands.fourthly,the development of science and economy is paradox.After the Second World War,the corresponding changes in power relations,alteration of the mode of production reflect on the labor relations further fragile,also reflect on the life itself commercialized and scientific production capitalization.Economic system as the order of labor can be incorporated into the category of mode of production.After World War Two the development of capitalism has taken on a variety of forms which it is regretted that all forms do not take science in a right position.It is generally believed that science is an important means to improve labor productivity,namely science and mode of production relations.But the problem is not so simple.On the one hand the scientific production,on the other hand the production of science.It is impossible to give up economic development and give up science.Fifthly,the life is the foundation of the construction order.Politics not only touches lives,but also in life.Politics is a kind of expression of life adaptive space-time order self construction of life.Of course we can’t regard life as the accessory of power,and not blindly based on the power in order to construct order.Removing boundaries between science and political we dealt with the political complexities relationship between them by means of structuralism.But what I want to emphasize is that life is the combining site.Around the life,the power and order,description in the paper is not limited to the state about relationship between science and politics after World War Two.We try to focus on analysis to the problem.We give up method of sociology confined to the laboratory and instrumentalism epistemology which Political activity is not a kind of behavior in science,science has not more than social function in politics,science and politics are not just the their two sides of the tool.