Research on Qualitative Simulation Method and Software Platform for Group Safety Behavior of Coal Mine Workers

Author:Yu Kai

Supervisor:cao qing gui


Degree Year:2019





In the field of safety production in China,the safety production of coal mine enterprises has attracted much attention.Statistics show that more than 80%of coal mine accidents are caused directly or indirectly by workers’ unsafe behavior.Workers are more or less affected by group behavior in their daily life and work.Therefore,the unsafe behavior of coal mine workers is produced under the influence of the group safety behavior of coal mine workers.Because the evolution of group safety behavior is a long and complex process,there are many uncertain factors in it,which make it difficult to quantify.Normal qualitative analysis methods can not obtain reliable and comprehensive conclusions.Qualitative simulation of group safety behavior is an innovative technical way to solve this problem,and it can analyze comprehensively and accurately the group safety behavior of workers and its changing rules.Therefore,it is particularly important to study the qualitative simulation method and software platform for the safety behavior of coal miners.Starting from the characteristics of coal mine workers’ group,the paper uses game theory,QSIM algorithm,qualitative simulation,quantitative analysis and other technical means such as computer and big data,deeply and systematically studies the qualitative simulation method of coal mine workers’ group safety behavior,and develops a general supporting software platform,Firstly,the characteristics of group and group safety behavior are analyzed.Based on the theories of organizational behavior and group dynamics,the influencing factors of group safety behavior are analyzed.Questionnaire is compiled to carry out questionnaire research,and the reliability and validity of the results are tested.On this basis,the game matrix of "group-group"(formal group-informal group)is constructed,the dynamic equation of replication is calculated,and the game dynamic simulation is carried out on AnyLogic platform by using system dynamics(SD),and the evolution process characteristics of the safety behavior of coal mine workers are summarized.Then,based on QSIM algorithm,a scientific and perfect qualitative simulation method of group safety behavior of coal mine workers is studied.It includes filtering method in the process of state transition,analysis method of simulation results,qualitative simulation rules and algorithms,setting of simulation stopping conditions,and optimum selection method of control countermeasures,etc.The core part of the algorithm is to use the QSIM filtering algorithm optimized by GA-BP algorithm to filter the state,that is,using GA-BP algorithm and social field theory to optimize the simulated filtering process.Based on this,the intelligent stopping conditions of the simulation process are set up under the premise of presupposing the simulation stage and simulation times.Variable trend,qualitative value distribution and the influence degree of group factors in the simulation results are analyzed in the form of change trend chart,broken line chart,histogram chart,pie chart and statistical table.Combining with big data technology,the process of control strategies analysis and optimization is improved.After that,a qualitative simulation software platform for group safety behavior of coal mine workers with perfect function and friendly interface is developed.The software platform belongs to a general qualitative simulation tool,which is developed and designed according to the qualitative simulation method of the safety behavior of coal mine workers.It has a friendly man-machine interface and abundant chart analysis functions.It can conveniently complete all the work of qualitative simulation of group safety behavior.And there is a special subsystem-coal mine workers unsafe behavior control strategies management system,to carry out the management and optimization of coal mine workers unsafe behavior control strategies.Finally,on the software platform of qualitative simulation,qualitative simulation of 21 different schemes is carried out with the coal mine workers as the research object.The evolution law of safety behavior of coal mine workers is obtained by simulation,and the optimal control strategies are analyzed.The research results of the paper are applied to Tangkou Coal Industry of Shandong Province experimentally,and the feasibility,reliability and practicability of the qualitative simulation method and its software platform are verified.The paper is an in-depth research and development of qualitative simulation method and software platform for safety behavior of coal mine workers.The research results can provide scientific guidance and practical tools for the safety behavior control of coal mine enterprises,and also provide technical theoretical reference and research tool support for other research in this field.