Research on Simulation and Early Warning Control System of Unsafe Behavior of Coal Mine Workers

Author:Zhou Lu Jie

Supervisor:cao qing gui


Degree Year:2018





Coal is the main energy source in China,but coal mine accidents is a serious threat to the safety of coal production.Relevant statistics show that 80%of production safety accidents in coal mining enterprises in China are caused by human unsafe behavior.Therefore,in-depth study of people’s unsafe behavior and their control techniques have important practical and theoretical values for preventing and controlling the incidence of coal mine accidents.Based on modern security science theory,this article combines behavioral science,information technology,and computer network technology,through the integration of DEMATEL-ISM method,Arena simulation modeling technology,agent modeling,system dynamics,computer programming technology applications.This question has been systematically and thoroughly studied.Firstly,the characteristics and classification of unsafe behaviors of coal mine workers are systematically analyzed,and the statistical analysis of coal mine accidents in the past ten years(2008-2017)is conducted to find out the effects of unsafe behavior of employees on various types of coal mine accidents.Furthermore,the influencing factors of unsafe behavior of coal mine workers were analyzed,and an evaluation index system for unsafe behavior of coal mine workers was constructed.The integrated DEMATEL-ISM method was used to calculate and analyze the unsafe behavior model of coal mine workers,revealing the mutual influence mechanism and logic relationship among various factors,and clarifying the influence and action law of coal mine employees’ unsafe behavior.Obtaining the factors that are located in the essential cause layer for psychological conditions and work experience can affect all other unsafe behavioral factors.Then,the Arena simulation study on the risk transfer of unsafe behavior of coal mine workers was carried out,and the behavioral risk transmission rules of coal mine workers were obtained.The Arena simulation with the node 11 working experience and node 13 psychological status as the initial node of the model shows that the greater the average mean value,the longer the risk of node processing,and the better the risk disposal effect;The increase of node immunity can increase the risk interception ability;the increase of node risk disposal rate can significantly reduce the maximum system risk entropy.After that,a dynamic simulation model for unsafe behaviors of coal mine workers was established.Based on the dynamics of agent and system dynamics,the unsafe behavior of coal mine workers was dynamically simulated.It was found that the simulation results of unsafe behavior among different groups were consistent.The coal mine workers’ unsafe behavior intervention and control countermeasures were studied,and the unsafe behavior control measures of coal mine workers were proposed,and a eontrol countermeasures database was established.At last,using ASP and database technology,the early warning and control system of unsafe behavior of coal workers in B/S model is developed.It has the functions of management and early warning of unsafe behavior of coal provides information,network tools,means for management and control of unsafe behavior of miners.Through the study of this paper,the law of development and evolution of unsafe behaviors of coal mine workers has been obtained,and an early warning and control system for unsafe behaviors of coal mine workers has been developed,which can provide theoretical and technical support for the research and application of this field.