Research on the Analysis Method of Treelike Industrial Structure

Author:Li Yue

Supervisor:ren yi zuo


Degree Year:2018





The optimization and adjustment of industrial structure is an important means to resolve the risk of economic cycle fluctuations and promote the rapid development of the economy.Under the background of the new economic normal,China has successively proposed development strategies such as " Made in China 2025",supply-side structural reform,and conversion of old and new kinetic energy,industrial structure optimization adjustment has entered a critical period.In view of the problem of low success rate of industrial chain extension,and unreasonable local policy formulation in the process of optimization and adjustment of tree industry structure,With the aim of providing a tree-like industrial structure adjustment research method and ideas,and supplementing and perfecting the industrial structure optimization theory,it is guided by theoretical methods such as industrial chain and industrial network.Then this paper uses the methods of logical deduction,comparative analysis and simulation to research on the analysis method and adjustment mechanism of treelike industrial structure.And the full text has been expanded from three parts.The first part:Analysis model of treelike industrial structure:the propose and construction of the industry tree.This part answers questions about the basic characteristics and its problems of the treelike industrial structure,what’s the industrial tree,the basic structure and construction method of the industrial tree,including the first chapter,the second chapter and the third chapter.The first chapter expounds the background,significance and theoretical research status of the treelike industrial structure.The second chapter first clarifies the theoretical basis of industrial tree research.Then,according to the research purpose,the industrial tree is defined and integrated with the industrial chain and industrial network.And analyze the related concepts of industrial tree and industrial chain,industrial network,value chain,and industrial infrastructure,and proposed a method for determining the boundary of an industrial tree.The basic structure of the industrial tree mainly explained in the third chapter is composed of three subsystems:the crown industry,the trunk industry and the root industry.Then,the subdivision structure and function of each subsystem and the method of boundary determination are discussed.The second part:the adjustment mechanism of treelike industrial structure.This part answers three questions:What is the driving force for the change of the treelike industrial structure,how does the regulation of the dynamics affect the structural changes of the treelike industrial structure,and what is the structural change law of the treelike industrial structure regulation?This part mainly contains the fourth chapter,the fifth chapter,the sixth chapter and the seventh chapter.The fourth chapter,firstly,clarifies the adjustment dynamic factors of treelike industrial structure:endogenous dynamics and external stimulating dynamics;then,the evolution mechanism of treelike industrial structure adjustment dynamics is clarified.The fifth chapter,firstly,proposes two modes of treelike industrial structure adjustment-internal adjustment mode and external adjustment mode,and divides the internal adjustment mode into three types:trunk industry-driven,crown industry-driven and root industry-driven,divides external adjustment mode into three types:market-driven,government-driven,and hybrid-driven;then,the role of expansion and contraction of“Expand shape,and“Assemble shape”in the adjustment of treelike industrial structure is proposed.In the sixth chapter,it is explained from the theoretical level that the treelike industrial structure conduction path includes forward conduction,reverse conduction and two-way conduction,and the system dynamics model is used to simulate and analyze the conduction effect of treelike industrial structure dynamics from the quantitative change perspective.In the seventh chapter,the Logistic model is used to analyze the qualitative transformation process and result of treelike industrial structure adjustment.The third part:the development and construction of coal-based industrial tree.This part mainly verifies the validity of the analysis method based on the historical development law of the coal industry and coal-based industrial tree,mainly including the eighth chapter.Firstly,the objectivity and formation process of the industrial tree are verified by examining the development history and product evolution of the coal industry.Then,by constructing the coal-based industrial trees at three points in 1992,2002 and 2012,the treelike industrial structure adjustment law proposed in the previous paper is verified.