Research on the Full Factors’ Collaborative Innovation and Model Selection of Coal Industry under Multiple Tasks

Author:Yuan Bao Lun

Supervisor:wang xin hua


Degree Year:2019





The biggest difference between collaborative innovation and traditional scientific and technological innovation is conducive to fully mobilizing the strength of various types of innovation elements through organizational innovation,which breaks the bondage of the original system and mechanism of scientific and technological innovation.Collaborative innovation has become a more effective way of scientific and technological innovation actively advocated by the coal industry in recent years.Influenced by the economic transformation,the coal industry has a serious overcapacity,coal enterprises has some deep-seated contradictions such as debt pressure,industrial structure,product structure,enterprise management and development concept of.Because of the depth of the above-mentioned problems and the extensive horizontal correlation,it is difficult to break through.Various kinds of participants,such as government departments at all levels,coal enterprises,universities,research institutes,financial institutions.agencies,and coal-using enterprises,participate in the collaborative innovation of the coal industry to varying degrees.It has become "Full Factors’ Collaborative Innovation of Coal lndustry”(FFCICI for short).In the operation process of FFCICI with the diversification and heterogeneity of the main factor categories and resource elements categories,According to different research directions,it is very important for coal industry to adopt what kind of collaborative innovation model and how to use all kinds of resources effectively.Therefore.this study takes the FFCICI as the main research object,and the main task of the structural reform of coal industry supply side as the research direction.First,from the overall perspective,this paper studies the types of influencing factors,the role of participants,the overall operation process and the model type selection.The selection of model type,the mechanism of influence factors and the construction of control mechanism were studied from different research directions.The main research contents and results are as follows:(1)We analyzes the main tasks,contents and related subjects of supply-side structural reform of coal industry at present,expounds the connotation of FFCICI,and then analyzes the influence factors and model alternative types of FFCICI on the basis of previous research.The analysis shows that the main tasks of the supply-side structural reform of the coal industry at this stage include the removal of production capacity of the coal industry,the transformation and upgrading of coal enterprises and the technological innovation of clean utilization of coal.It should include the category of sub-system factors,the category of soft environment sub-system factors,the category of hard environment sub-system and the category of model selection sub-system.(2)From the overall point of view,the role of the participants,the overall operation process,and the mechanism of influence factors in the FFCICI are studied.Firstly,the dominant resources and the main role of each participant are analyzed;then,according to the order and scope of the body factors and resource factors,the Pyramid Spiral Model of the FFCICI is constructed;in this basis,the theoretical model of influence factors is constructed,and a questionnaire survey is conducted.The system simulation method was used to study the interaction mechanism between the influence factors.The empirical results show that the rationality of model selection has an impact on the sub-system factors of scientific research team,software environment sub-system factors and hardware environment sub-system factors,and indirectly affects the performance of collaborative innovation.(3)This paper establishes the selection method of alternative model types of FFCICI,and constructs the model selection mechanism.Firstly,the relationship between the characteristics of scientific research direction and the role of participants and the types of model alternatives is analyzed theoretically,and the selection method of model alternatives is established.The research shows that the selection of model alternatives mainly depends on the characteristics of scientific research direction,and is also affected by the role of participants.(4)Three types of FFCICI’s models with the three tasks of Supply-side Structural Reform in coal industry as the research direction are selected and studied,and the influence factors and mechanism of different models are analyzed,and the control mechanism of FFCICI with different tasks is constructed.The research shows that the government-leading model should be chosen for the task of coal industry to reduce production capacity,the enterprise-leading model should be chosen for the task of coal enterprise transformation and upgrading,and the scientific research units-leading model should be chosen for the technical innovation of coal clean utilization,and the selection of different types of tasks should be verified respectively.The mechanism of influence factors of the same model type is analyzed,and the control mechanism of FFCICI based on different tasks is constructed.