Research on the Influence Mechanism of Parameters Coupling on Product Performance for Tape Winding Process

Author:Yu Tao

Supervisor:shi yao yao


Degree Year:2018





Advanced resin matrix composites have been widely used in aerospace industry due to the favorable characteristics including high specific strength and specific stiffness,anti-fatigue,design flexibility,and superior high temperature performance.As the amount of composite products increasing,more attention to the product quality has been paid.However,the quality of composite products not only relies on the material properties,but also on the selection of process parameters and the control accuracy during the manufacturing process.Unreasonable molding methods and process parameters will lead to deterioration of the performance of composite structural parts.It affects the service performance of composite structural parts and even causes parts to be scrapped.Thus,the selection and control of composite molding process parameters is the key to improve the quality of composite product.Composite tape winding process is one of the main forming processes of composite structural parts.In the process of tape winding,the process parameters such as temperature,tension,pressure and velocity are coupled with each other to determine the quality of winding product.In this thesis,the influence of process parameters on product performance was considered as the research object.By adopting the methods such as mechanism modeling,numerical simulation,winding process experiments and product performance testing,the winding process modeling,sensitivity analysis of process parameters,division of stability ranges,the influence of process parameters on product performance,coupling mechanism of process parameters and optimization of parameter ranges were studied to master the prediction method and control principles of the winding structure performance and improve the quality of the winding product.The research contents of this thesis were shown as follows.Firstly,by tape winding process analysis,the major process parameters which influence the winding process are determined,including the hot roller temperature,winding tension,roller pressure and winding velocity.And then,the parameters precise control system for tape winding based on the DCS principle is designed to achieve precise control and centralized management of major process parameters.Based on the basic theories of the composite material and the characteristics of the tape winding process,the main characterizing parameters of the winding product are analyzed.The characterization parameters that are sensitive to the winding process,that is,the interlaminar bonding strength and void content,are determined as the quality control objectives of the tape winding product.Secondly,the theory mathematical model and the multi-parameter coupling empirical model of the tape winding process are established.For the tape winding process,the theoretical mathematical model for interlaminar bond strength and void content are established by analying the microstructure characteristics of braided prepreg tape.Also,taking the carbon fiber epoxy resin T300/Y69 orthogonal braided prepreg tape as an example,the multi-parameter coupling empirical model is established by using interlaminar shear strength and void content test data.Based on this,two multiobjective optimization methods including uniform objective method and main target method for multi-objective optimization problems are put forward.Two optimization methods were used to optimize the winding process parameters,and the optimization results are compared.Thirdly,the methods of parameters sensitivity analysis and stability ranges division for winding process are proposed.Based on the polynomial empirical model of tape winding process,the methods of multi-parameter relative sensitivity analysis and single-parameter sensitivity analysis are proposed.Using this model,the relative sensitivity of key process parameters for interlaminar shear strength and void content are calculated,while the single-parameter sensitivity curves are obtained.And then,based on the method of stability ranges division for process parameter,the overall parameter stability ranges are obtained as: temperature within [101℃,150℃],tension within [50N,500N],pressure within [861N,1500N],and velocity within [0.100m/s,0.294m/s],respectively.In the overall stability ranges,the average interlaminar shear strength of winding product is 73.2MPa,and the average void content is 1.64%.And the winding experiments are proposed to verify the stability and reliability of the process parameter stability ranges.Fourthly,the influence and coupling mechanism of the tape winding process parameters on product performance is revealed.According to the theoretical mathematical model of winding process,the simulation and experiments are proposed by using T300/Y69 prepreg tape.The influence curve of the sensitive process parameters including temperature,pressure,tension and velocity on interlaminar bonding strength and void content are subsequently obtained.Based on the experimental verification of the accuracy of the theoretical model,the influence mechanism of each process parameter on the product performance characterization parameters is analyzed.The effect of the coupling of process parameters on the characterization parameters of the product is analyzed using the model simulation,and the interaction between the parameters of the winding process and its effect on the final product performance are described.Finally,the process parameter ranges are optimized and the quality control system for the tape winding product is designed and developed.Through the simulation calculation of the theoretical mathematical model of the tape winding process,the 4D slice diagram and 3D process window of parameter settings for interlaminar shear strength and void content are obtained separately,and the overall 3D process window for tape winding process is also obtained.Combined with the overall stability range of the process parameters,the process parameter ranges were optimized.In order to validate the reliability of the optimization ranges,the winding experiments are performed.The experimental results show that the void content of the winding products processed by the process parameters in the optimization range is less than 1.5%,and the average interlaminar shear strength of the products is 86.1MPa.At last,the quality control system for tape winding product was designed and developed by combining the winding process theoretical model,the experience model,and parameter optimization method.