Study on Dynamic Characteristics and Driving Device of Large Wave Side Belt Conveyor System

Author:Shi Hao

Supervisor:yu yan


Degree Year:2018





The traditional transportation mode of large open pit coal mine is truck transportation.As the depth of mining increases,the cost of related operators and truck fuel is also on the rise.In order to meet the requirements of reducing the cost of large open pit coal mining and strengthening environmental protection,the large corrugated sidewall belt conveying system is used as the key equipment for coal transportation to overcome the shortage of truck transportation and the shortcomings of the ordinary belt conveyor limited by the inclination of conveying.It is of great economic significance to study the large belt conveyor for lifting transportation in opencast coal mine.The research on the dynamic characteristics of the belt conveying system with wave flange has become one of the core problems in its designs and development.By studying the dynamic characteristics of the belt conveying system with the wave flange,the performance of the conveyor can be optimized.Thus,the belt conveying system with wave flange is more reasonable in economy and more reliable in technology.Based on fractional derivative theory,a viscoelastic model of corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is established based on fractional derivative theory,which is based on the three-dimensional viscoelastic model of fractional derivative.On this basis,the dynamic model of the corrugated belt is established and solved.The dynamic model of the large corrugated sidewall belt conveying system is constructed,and the parameters are assigned.The dynamic characteristics of wave flange belt conveying system under different starting and running conditions were simulated by ADAMS and MATLAB software.The simulation results show that the most obvious dynamic effect in the starting and running process of the belt conveying system with wave flange is near the driving cylinder of corrugated sidewall belt conveying system.In this sense,it is very important to improve the dynamic characteristics near the driving cylinder of the system for the whole corrugated belt conveyor system.Besides the characteristics of corrugated sidewall conveyor belt,the dynamic characteristics of the belt conveyor system are also greatly affected by its driving device.In order to meet the requirements of the large scale of the wavy belt conveying system,the non-standard series of driving rollers are studied in this paper.On the basis of the theory of roller friction transmission of belt conveying system with wave flange,the force condition of roller is analyzed,and the Euler formula and the calculation formula of driving roller are derived.The transmission theory and the force on the drum are analyzed and calculated.The static analysis of the drum structure is carried out by using ANSYS software,and the dynamic analysis is carried out by taking the sixth order mode of the roller structure.According to the basic theory of topology optimization,topology optimization method using uniform variable density method,the structure of the minimum strain energy as the goal,the corrugated sidewall conveyor belt system for driving drum shaft for topology optimization.Through optimization,cylinder volume is reduced by 22.6%compared with before,the maximum equivalent stress is increased by 51.4%,and the maximum immunity of the roller shaft is decreased by 34.5%,which are in the scope of the work requirements.Based on the internal radial rotor structure permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM),the permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM)used in the large wave flange belt conveying system is studied in this paper.The design of permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM)is simulated by ANSOFT.The magnetic flux distribution and flux density of PMSM without load are analyzed.The magnetic flux leakage of the design motor can be seen by the distribution of PMSM.The distribution of the radial magnetic density along the circumference of the no-load air gap is obtained in the stator and rotor of the permanent magnet motor model,and then the harmonic content and amplitude of the magnetic density in the no-load air gap are obtained.The accuracy of the design according to the analysis results is verified the unreasonable place is adjusted.At the same time,the steady-state temperature field of PMSM is analyzed.Based on the theory of sliding mode variable structure control,a sliding mode controller is designed to improve the anti-interference ability of the system,and the id=0 vector control method is applied to simulate the permanent magnet synchronous motor.The sliding mode variable structure PMSM vector control has good dynamic and steady performance which can effectively reduce the high frequency jitter of the system.The algorithm is simple and easy to be realized in engineering.It is more robust to the variation of motor parameters and load torque ripple.The design of a PMSM interaction on the towing test platform,using PMSM in vector control principle on the basis of the whole testing platform for a comprehensive simulation and the no-load and load running test,and the results of the theoretical analysis and simulation results show that,the operation effect of the test platform is good,high efficiency.Troungh energy conservation test,electricity is saved22.3%,reactive power is reduced by 88.3%.the current is reduced by 49.1%,and the power factor is improved by 49.3%.