Study on Eco Efficiency Evaluation and Promotion Strategy of Petrochemical Enterprises

Author:Sun Hong Hai

Supervisor:xiao yan ling


Degree Year:2017





Petrochemical industry is an important basic energy industry in China.It is related to China’s national economy and people’s livelihood,and closely related to national security,comprehensive national strength and people’s living standard.From the total amount of GDP,the added value of the petrochemical industry is rising year by year.However,the petrochemical industry is a high energy consumption and high pollution industry,in the production and processing of various energy input,and accompanied by a variety of damage to the environment,only the annual emissions of the chemical industry industrial wastewater,waste gas and solid waste emissions of industrial waste accounted for the proportion of the total reached 22%,8% and 12%.Accounted for 1,4,5.Compared with the developed countries,the rate of waste discharge is obviously lower,especially in the petrochemical industry.Therefore,accurately grasp the characteristics of ecological efficiency of petrochemical enterprises,explore the influencing factors of ecological efficiency,and put forward effective ways to solve the problem of ecological efficiency of enterprises,is of great significance for promoting sustainable development of enterprises.This article from the petrochemical enterprise based on its own characteristics,try to use the theory of eco efficiency,select a number of petrochemical enterprises as the research object,combined with the actual situation and the existing research results,summarized the factors restricting the enterprise ecological efficiency evaluation model,which is suitable for application of eco efficiency of petrochemical enterprises,according to the evaluation results,analyze the existing problems and propose solutions countermeasures for two-way support of China’s petrochemical enterprises to improve eco efficiency to provide theoretical and practical operation.In this paper,the petrochemical enterprises as the research object,to explore the practical and feasible ecological efficiency evaluation index system and evaluation method for the goal of the sustainable development theory,ecological modernization theory,eco efficiency evaluation theory and method as the theoretical foundation,using the literature researchmethod,empirical analysis method,qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis method,combined with the domestic comparative analysis method,super efficiency DEA method and energy analysis method into the evaluation of eco efficiency in the domestic and foreign research scholars,petrochemical enterprises to build eco efficiency evaluation index system and method,and the case study.The completion of the specific work is as follows:First of all,the connotation and index of relevant literature on the current eco efficiency systematically,the existing literature mostly from economy,environment,resources of eco efficiency analysis,this study from the view of sustainable development,considering the enterprise long-term interests,the role of science and technology,based on the original results,evaluation of social responsibility and innovation of science and technology the introduction of ecological efficiency.The formation of petrochemical enterprise ecological efficiency evaluation framework-"2E1R2S" model,the establishment of the basis and the relationship between the various indicators analysis elaborates five major indexes,the model is extended to the study of ecological efficiency in the theory and application for the evaluation index and method provide a theoretical basis for ecological efficiency.Secondly,Super efficiency DEA method is applied to the relative eco efficiency evaluation of petrochemical enterprises.According to the "2E1R2S" framework model,in-depth research of enterprises and generalisability of evaluation index system,the evaluation index system of eco efficiency is constructed.The paper select 10 input and 1 output indicators,through the standardization of data processing,using DEAP2.1 and LINGO9.0 software,the eco efficiency of 25 petrochemical enterprises was calculated,and the overall effectiveness,technical efficiency,scale efficiency the changes were analyzed,combined with the analysis of efficiency gives specific differences in variables analysis,and put forward the projection principle to calculate the specific improvement value.The empirical analysis shows that the application of this model can not only evaluate the ecological efficiency of petrochemical enterprises of different petrochemical industry in the analysis can also reveal the enterprise ecological efficiency difference,the super efficiency DEA model development of new applications,the application of this model is an effective method to calculate the level of industry or enterprise ecological efficiency and sustainable the level of development.The projection analysis of super efficiency DEA model further determines the direction ofimproving the eco efficiency of enterprises,and provides theoretical guidance for industries or enterprises to improve their sustainable development level.Then,emergy analysis theory is applied to petrochemical enterprise absolute eco efficiency evaluation,from the economic,social,resources,environment,science and technology in five aspects,the application of emergy analysis model,in a petrochemical company as an example,collect data of scientificity and applicability of the model is verified by the research results show that the development of the emergy analysis,application model,analysis tools as petrochemical enterprises and other enterprises in eco efficiency.Finally,based on the 5 perspectives of "2E1R2S" model,combined with the actual background and evaluation results of typical petrochemical enterprises,we put forward strategies to enhance eco efficiency of petrochemical enterprises,so as to provide decision-making reference for petrochemical enterprises to achieve sustainable development.