Study on Gorz’s Ecological Marxist Theory and Contemporary Value

Author:Jin Li Jing

Supervisor:zhao hai yue


Degree Year:2019





The ecological environment is the foundation of the existence and development of human society,and is a major social problem of the people undefined livelihood in our country.After more than 40 years of reform and opening-up,the economic strength of our country has improved significantly,but it has brought some pollution to the environment in the course of economic development.At present,the ecological environment of our country is not optimistic,mainly in the air,water,soil pollution is serious.Because of the pressure of population growth and economic development in our country,the irrational utilization of natural resources and the destruction of the natural ecosystem are caused.In order to solve the current ecological crisis and ecological problems in our country,we need to walk out of a civilized development road with the development of production,rich life and good ecology.The 17 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China officially put forward the construction of ecological civilization.Since the 18 th Party Congress,the Party Central Committee,taking Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,attached great importance to the construction of the ecological civilization,and put forward a series of new ideas and new strategies on the construction of ecological civilization,and formed the thought of Xi Jinping undefined ecological civilization.It is an important part of Xi Jinping undefined new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.As an important representative of ecological Marxism,French scholar Gorz occupies an important position in the whole western ecological Marxism faction.Based on the detailed interpretation of Gorz undefined ecological Marxism theory,this paper comprehensively and systematically studies Gorz undefined ecological Marxism theory,analyzes his contemporary capitalist crisis,ecological critical theory and ecological socialist theory reconstruction.At the same time,it compares its theory with other scholarsundefined ecological Marxism theoryand makes an objective evaluation of Gorz undefined ecological Marxism theory.This paper reveals the important enlightening role of Gorz undefined ecological Marxism theory in solving the ecological crisis and ecological environment problems faced by our country at present,and expounds that its theory has important theoretical reference and enlightening value for the construction of socialist ecological civilization with Chinese characteristics in the new era,the construction of harmonious China,green China,healthy China,educational power and beautiful China.The full text consists of six chapters:Chapter one is the introduction part of the article,including the background of the topic and the meaning of the topic,the summary of the research situation at home and abroad,the research thinking and the research method,the innovation point and the deficiency.Chapter two is the origin of Gorz undefined theory of ecological Marxism.The first part introduces the social background of Gorz undefined ecological Marxist theory.The ecological environment of the main capitalist society is becoming more and more serious,the development of the green political movement,the influence of storm May in France in 1968.The second part introduces the theoretical basis of Gorz undefined ecological Marxist thought.It mainly has the influence of the Marxist ecological theory,the scarcity of Sartreundefineds existentialism and the influence of freedom theory,the influence of the Frankfurt School undefined social theory,the ecology,the system and the influence of the futurism.Chapter three isGorzundefined critical theory of capitalist ecology.Gorz has criticized the modern capitalist system from the aspects of economic reason,labor division of labor,alienation of consumption,science and technology,medical science,education,automobile ideology and so on.Chapter four is the theoretical construction of Gorz ecological socialism.There are mainly the vision of political ecology,the mode and institutional choice of the construction of ecological socialism theory,and the specific path of the construction of ecological socialism theory.Chapter five is the analysis of Gorzundefined ecological Marxism theory.The first part is the comparison of ecological Marxism theory between Gorz and other scholars.This paper compares the origin of capitalist ecological crisis,the theoretical conception of ecological socialism and the way to realize ecological socialism.The second part analyzes the theoretical significance and theoretical limitations of Gorz undefined ecological Marxism.The theoretical significance is mainly to adhere to the basic views and methods of Marxism and developthe alienation theory of Marx,it has opened up a new realm of ecological Marxism theory developmentand so on.Gorz undefined ecological Marxism theory has some limitations,such as ecological crisis theory replacing Marx undefined economic crisis theory,the tendency of technical determinism,strong utopia and so on.Chapter six is the contemporary value of Gorzundefined ecological Marxism theory.It mainly pays attention to fairness and justice,promotes the harmonious development of society,establishes the concept of green and low-carbon consumption,promotes the sustainable development of economy and society,adheres to the concept of ecological civilization,and promotes the construction of ecological civilization in the new era..