Study on the Charateristics,Theory and Application of Low-Threshold Blend Organic Gain Medium

Author:Zhang Zuo

Supervisor:huang wei xia rui dong


Degree Year:2017





In this thesis,the author systematically studies the optical and gain properties of different blends based on F8 BT polymer as the guest.When PFO polymer works as the host,the stimulated emission from the F8 BT is suppressed due to the long-lived,quickly formed polaron-pairs.However,if the short oligomers are used instead of PFO,the delayed formation of polaron-pairs in the host rises a temporal window for excitons to transfer to the F8 BT chain.Also,the polaron-pairs on these short oligomers are more short lived,which weaken its harm to the stimulated emission from the F8 BT.Consequently,the ASE threshold of the blend is lowered.And the thermal stability of the blend film is improved due to the host.The short oligomers can be chemical modified to change the energy level.The study shows this chemical modification doesn’t affect the FERT from the oligomers to the F8 BT guest.This approach allows to modify the energy level of the gain medium without effects to the gain properties.In the last part,the author introduce a very sensitive pH value sensor base on the blend solution of the pH sensing agent and a suitable laser dye.Although no energy transfer occours the binary system,the reabsorption plays its role in tuning the ASE behavior.The sensor makes use of the ASE spectra “on-off”,realizing directly-readable,high-sensitive and high-resolved pH value sensing.