The Study of Early Modern New Confucian View of Science and Technology

Author:Zhao Peijun

Supervisor:Xiao Ling


Degree Year:2013





On the end of the 19th century to the 20th century,dominated by science and technology of western culture like high wind swept leaves,which takes the Chinese traditional culture into the era of self check save time.At that time,in the process of Chinese scholars’ thought that couldn’t avoid a common topic:how to evaluation and choice between the Science and technology of western strong culture and China’s Confucian declined culture.The paper is based on the research topic which to clarify the early modern new Confucian school about freeing concept and long-term development of dual purpose,and then study their view of historical value and significance of science and technology.The modern new Confucian considers that China gets rid of weak without formed which is dominated by science and technology of the culture like the western modern times.At the same time,they also don’t take it for granted and Superstition that created the western science and technology development potential,and Instead of evaluating perspective of prudent rational consideration to its social function.And,they demand to explore the Confucian culture in the source at the western essence process to differentiate it is advantages and disadvantages so as to clear the position and role of the modernization process.The essay expounds the formation of the early modern new Confucian view of science and technology has its specific historical and realistic background,which is to clear them to the modern form similar beliefs about the social function of science and technology and evaluation.Through clarifying the early modern new Conf-ucian view of distinct of the science and technology,the essay shows their positive attitude towards science and technology,but they do not allow to ignore the negative effects of science and technology,especially some negative efects have prominent threat to long-term survival benefit to remove misunderstanding their contradictory views of science and technology.The early modern new Confucian reinterpreted the essence about humanistic care of Confucian culture,which trying to push the Chinese and western culture in product for use as a science and technology development and application of the criterion.Actually,the result has its own theoretical foundations.Along with the science and technology to create an unprecedented human civilization,its negative effect on human survival benefit is also growing.Give priority to the rational reflection of western life philosophy and return to perceptual research trend is rising up and introduced into China along with other ideas,and then as the early modern new Confucian thought is the foundation of the penetration of Chinese and western thoughts.The early modern new Confucian view that modern life philosophy and Confucian culture from its source corresponds to the real life is concerned,is the intuitive way to focus on human benign,harmonious social relations,their humanism thoughts are in line with long-term survival needs.With humanistic care for the foothold of the early modern new Confucian view of science and technology had affecting their own theoretical system and its practical operation.Compared with early modern new Confucian delegates thought idea and practical way which could think they are concerned about the two basic aspects:first,facing the west how can appear in modern science and technology and leads the modernization,must have a overall understanding and insight on the process of the western history.Second,facing Chinese engagement with the west in modern times,but why the gap with the west becomes bigger.Because of the early modern new Confucianism as the starting research point of China and even the whole of human long-term survival interests which makes its content reflects both to absorb the western science and technology as the leading utility value and clarify the Confucian culture to reinterpretation of the governance value,and then forming "but Chinese also Western " and " neither Chinese nor Western " unique characteristics which deeply affected their path in the promotion of China’s modernization different practice.Not only,the early modern new Confucian attitude about westernization and hold the position of the difficult of science by radical the western to recognize,but also about the reinterpretation of Confucian culture content and carrying forward traditional also difficult to be conservative.The early modern new Confucianism was not recognized as academic school by scholars at the time,but what they advocated the rational face history combing with the objective reality of research attitude,paid attention to the fundamental purpose of long-term survival interests,forming a very similar idea and theory of path,thus to explore the road of the future development of China,is different from other academic schools.Early modern new Confucian view of science and technology based on rescuing concept and long-term development,along with the science development gradually show prospective and rationality.Early modern new Confucian view of science and technology considered humanistic care,along with the dual dimensions of modern science and technology than any other school of thought is rational and forward-looking.Moreover,the concept of science and technology over fulfils the traditional Confucian culture,science and technology finds new growing point.For the Confucian culture continuation and development.With in-depth development of scientific technology,the later scholars research on how to avoid negative effect of science and technology,more is in science,technology and humanities between bidirectional and reciprocal framework seeks to bridge,and early modern new Confucian view of science and technology is the same,thereby supporting and revealing the historical value of the early modern new Confucian view of science and technology and reflect the early modern new Confucian view of science and technology forward significance and historical value beyond time and space.