The Study of International Uranium Resources Trade and U235 Element Flow Characteristics

Author:Lv Yan

Supervisor:wang xun lian


Degree Year:2019





Uranium is known as the food of nuclear power plants because of its importance.The future development of nuclear power will need more uranium resources to ensure the healthy development of China’s nuclear power industry.However,due to the poor uranium resource endowment,China has to import a large amount of uranium resources to meet the domestic demand,and the dependence of uranium resources on foreign countries gradually increases,which will restrict the development of China’s nuclear power industry.The spatial distribution difference between global uranium resource supply centers and demand centers allows uranium resources to flow between countries through international trade.The safety of uranium resources supply is related to the healthy and stable operation of China’s nuclear power industry.For China,formulating scientific and reasonable international trade strategy of uranium resources will be conducive to improving the safety of China’s uranium resources supply.Based on the analysis of world uranium resources supply and demand,on the basis of the global and China trade characteristics of uranium resources,through the construction of complex network model of global trade patterns for qualitative and quantitative analysis of uranium resources,including group structure,regional structure and national status,and design a series of indexes for the major countries and China in the uranium resource network analysis of the status and role in international trade.Research are not limited to a certain varieties of uranium resources,but covers the main variety of uranium resources,and translate all into a unified target,uranium and analysis,based on the concept of element flow on the uranium resources international trade complex network modeling,is conducive to further explore global,regional and national levels of uranium resources trade characteristics,providing scientific reference for policy makers and policy Suggestions.This paper comes to the following conclusions :(1)since 2000,the demand center of global natural uranium trade has evolved from the original European center and American center to the current east Asian center represented by China,north American center represented by the United States and European center represented by France.The global center of demand for uranium-rich products trade is mainly the European center and the American center.The uranium-rich products trade is mainly carried out in developed countries.Europe has its own trading system,and the American center is also the main global supply center.(2)the fluctuation of uranium price has a great impact on the stability of the trade network of natural uranium and depleted uranium products.The aggregation effect brought by the rise of ore price makes the network tend to be stable to reduce the trade cost.At the same time,the rising price of uranium will make the importing and exporting countries tend to sign long-term agreements to stabilize the interests of both sides.(3)the global natural uranium trade has gradually formed a trading bloc around the three natural uranium demand countries(China,France and the United States).(4)the global trade in uranium-rich products has not formed a certain law of evolution.There is no relatively fixed group of countries in the major trading groups,and the member countries of the group change greatly.Meanwhile,the member countries of the global trade in uranium-rich products are mainly developed countries in Europe and America,while China’s trade volume is small,so it does not play a leading role.The trade of depleted uranium products is relatively free and involves a large number of countries.Through analysis,it is concluded that the global trade of depleted uranium products forms three major groups: the us-israel trade group,the spanish-portuguese trade group,and the uk-france-germany trade group.(5)global uranium resource trade is mainly conducted in the form of natural uranium and uranium-rich products,whose uranium content accounts for more than 90% of the total trade volume,while the contribution of depleted uranium products is small,and the trade volume of uranium ore and concentrate is very small.The increase of uranium price has a significant effect on the natural uranium trade volume,but little effect on the rich uranium and the poor uranium products.